George And Schwartz Contracting, L. L. C.

George And Schwartz Contracting, L.L.C. has over forty years of combined experience and expertise in the contracting business. Our Company is managed  and operated by two Airborne Rangers who are each Veterans of the Vietnam Era. Our personnel are trained professionals that have mastered their respective craft. Please take the time to learn a bit more about our Company. Our web site will fully describe the Services we provide; as well as a list of many of the biggest properties that we have cleaned and maintained over the years. Our area of operation is not restricted to Atlanta, Ga.  Although our Services are geared toward the Pressure Cleaning of large Parking Decks and Office Buildings, we are well trained in other areas as well. Many years ago one of our largest clients had us doing a great deal of work in the Residential Properties that they managed. Since that time we have been very active in the Residential Market.  In addition to our contracting services, we also own/manage multifamily and single family assets throughout the Southeast.  We take pride in maintaining our assets and servicing the need of our residents and customers.   Whether it is Commercial or Residential, George And Schwartz is fiercely competitive in our bidding process. Our many years of experience and expertise give us an advantage over our competitors. With that in mind, should you have need of an estimate for any project that we are qualified to undertake for you, give us a call! We'll be glad to meet with you and discuss the best way to approach your project. We want your business, plain and simple!

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